Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sydney to LAX (Written on the plane)

My United Airlines plane

14 hours on a moving piece of metal hundreds of miles up in the air. Is a most unnatural and uncomfortable way to travel.

I have 48% battery left on my laptop, and 3 hours left till we arrive at LAX. I'm sitting here sandwiched between Megan and a old man who has had 3 whiskies since takeoff, and feeling the want to remove the remnants of my tail bone because sitting for so long on my butt has caused chronic and intense pain in my buttocks region as well as my lower back. There is a reason why long haul travelers choose business class. Because the sardine carnage of economy is really too much for more than say 3 hours.

Somehow we found ourselves in economy plus this time, although I really don't know what the difference between that and stand economy, perhaps a difference of 2cm width and leg room. Not enough to really make a difference though.

Anyhoo, so in total I've slept for a total of about 2 hours, when we arrive in LA it'll be 9am on the day that we left. Crossing the international date line is a serious mindfuck, but thank god i'll be too delirious from lack of sleep to really notice it.

Anyhoo, so my skin is all dried out, I want to sleep but instead i'm watching Andy Lau kick Daniel Wu's ass as a triad boss.

Best thing to happen all flight was intriguing tall Asian flight attendant offered Megan and me a Dove chocolate bar to share whilst we were standing and stretching to starve off the threat of DVT. Receiving chocolate makes me feel and act like a 6 year old. Really we never change from been kids

Did I also mention that I totally cried whilst saying goodbye my entire family. Seriously when did I become such a sap? My tears are just uncontrollable. 15 hours since saying goodbye and I can still summon the tears. There is something seriously wrong with me.

I'm currently anticipating yet dreading breakfast. I'm actually not hungry but i'm just so uncomfortable that I'll do anything else but think about sitting in this seat. Lesson of the day, always request for an aisle seat. It doesn't matter if people have to repeatedly climb over you or that you have to stand or have your elbows knocked by the trolleys, it is still better than sitting in the middle, because at least you have the choice of moving whenever you like and not have to suffer the claustraphobia.

and god the sound card (or rather the integrated sound card) is a piece of utter shite. ARRGh everything sounds like utter shit. And I really wished I downloaded half of youtube so I can waste my time on better things but instead i'll continue this diatribic stream of consciousness crap that's happening because I refuse to sleep.

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