Saturday, December 29, 2007


ahaha so I'm still horribly behind. What I've decided is that I won't post pics along with the post until i full catch up. Because that's what takes the most time, so the blog will just have to suffer through the fugliness. Check out the photos on picasaweb if you have the time, there are more on picasaweb than the ones I put on facebook.

I think the meeting with jacky cheung still hasn't worn off, I made a very impulsive purchase of ice skates today, like wtf? i guess i wanted to do a lot of skating around the world. but they were 40 bucks, so i guess it's okay, my poor credit card though.

new york is fab, more on that later, and of course a huge post vegas jacky thing is still to come, and perhaps some retrospective stuff on the rest of northern california, e.g. alcatraz etc. Blogging whilst travelling is intense, i dunno how people manage to do it properly.

till later, toodles

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Eva Pilot said...

You're doing an awesome job anyway even if you are behind on the updates.

I just sat down and read all the new stuff you posted, it's great to read.

Keep letting us know about everything awesome you're getting up to.