Thursday, December 6, 2007

DAY 4 - LA - Knottsberry Farm - 4th Dec

You wonder why Americans might have less brain cells than other nationalities. Theme parks are insane in this country. We went to Knottsberry farm today, which according to its ticket is the oldest theme park in the country.

The rides are insane, it's stomach churning just looking at them but awesome once you're on. One ride is called the Xcelerator, the loop (which you go OVER) is higher than Space Probe 7 in Wonderland and the only safety precautions are a lap bar and a seat belt, it is just insane. And I went on it twice in one go. AWESOME!!!!

The XCELERATOR, Tracey has a video of me on it.

I also went on the most uncomfortable rollercoaster ever called the ghostrider, first time I ever wanted to get off a roller coaster mid-way. We also sampled the much talked about funnel cake (aka fried bits of batter with syrup on top). I was also nearly dragged away by a cowboy which i totally didn't mind at all.

A small sprite is the size of tracey's head

The ghost rider at night and me next to it

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Eva Pilot said...

The only rollercoaster I ever went on are ones at the Easter Show...

looks like those would just about kill me.