Sunday, December 9, 2007

DAY 7 - LA more shopping - 7th Dec

Slow day, lots of ice cream consumed and lots of rubbish TV watched. Went shopping for all of Megan's electronic stuff for the next year.

Fry's electronics is like 3x Bunnings warehouses. And it sells electronics...and water. Megan finally bought a laptop after a year of whining =p, and also a camera and other accessories.

Costco, is like a warehouse supermarket where everything is BIG. We bought groceries and laughed at everything.

In & Out Burger is a Californian Institution, although we didn't have burgers, we had the awesome shakes which tasted like churned neapolitan flavours of icecream. We also had the animal fries which although not listed on the menu is something I read about online. It's fries with 1 slice of melted cheese, relish, chopped grilled onions and thousand island dressing on top. Completely sickening but also FANTASTIC.


Jenny said...

animal.. fries.. +o+!

..americans seem to really like ..cheese *cough*

Lam said...

loving the posts! miss you guys.
That Tampax is twice Tracey's head.
Megan looks oh so happy in that picture with the painting. Her enthusiasm is amazing.