Friday, November 16, 2007

Random updates

I bought a supposedly cheap ticket to the Knicks vs Bulls game on December 30th. I say supposedly cause it still set me back $60. And it's a pretty shitty seat. The minute I clicked I confirm I realised I could have gotten better and cheaper tickets through fan ticket exchange. Curse me for been impulsive.

So Current list of shows/events I already have tickets for:
- Jacky Cheung, 22/23 December
- Knicks vs Bulls 30 December
- Barrowman in Aladdin Panto 12th January
- Henry V at the RSC 14th January

Tickets I still need to get for things I've definitely am seeing:
- San Jose Sharks vs Dallas Stars 15th December

Things which need urgent attendance before I leave:
- cleaning my room
- buy SD cards for camera
- hair cut
- travel insurance
- chinese visa
- dentist
- Tel + karaoke
- suitcase
- Green Ps (booked test already)
- Extend time in Shanghai till around the 20th. - confirm and get a printout of my ticket

Great Britain still hates me and my credit card, so I'm either going to have to phone them up or worst case scenario, cop the overpriced train tickets once we get to London. Add to that, finances currently are horrifically stretched, my original budget has been way conservative, and I'm just realising how much ACTUALLY this will cost me. It's insane.

I also decided to extend my stay in Berlin by an extra day, and cut a day from Munich. I was browsing around and realised Berlin is possibly a much cooler, cleaner, friendlier and more culturally interesting than Munich. Plus the hostels just look absolutely AWESOME.

Now that my exams are finished I can finally continue on researching the place I'm going to, so hopefully I'll be posting City specific itineraries now. I also need to start printing off maps and details for log books which will be accompanying me and helping me not get lost and into trouble or something.

2 weeks exactly left, and I'm absolutely stoked and petrified at the same time. Like OMFG, I fear I'm going to get homesick like crazy.


John said...

Please tell me you're not watching it at Madison Square Garden.

LJ said...

what the bulls game?

where else could it be =p

John said...

I hate you.

Sam said...

Hi - have just found your blog by chance!! And am reading your bit about planning - as a user of the British trains myself, I cannot recommend any more strongly that you book tickets WELL in advance if you can!! I don't know if you have booked your train tickets yet, but the earlier you can get them the better as they are so very much cheaper!!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your travels!! I am actually off to Australia in March 2008 and totally understand your trouble with bookings flights/hotels/etc!!