Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sometime I wish this blog would write itself

Okay so new plan now. I'm so behind it's not funny. I'll start writing for the current day from now on and try and polish off some old ones. Otherwise this blog is going to end up like it's stuck in a time warp or something, always perpetually 2 weeks late.

Although it also doesn't help that I haven't had internet access or rather very expensive internet access. My last hostel in Fussen charged 5 euros an hour which was robbery basically so I resorted to plugging in my laptop into the router and stole a few minutes to blast off some emails home so my parents new I was alive. But now I've got free wireless for 3 days here in Salzburg which is fantastic cause it means I can catch the Torchwood ep tmr night. Ah yes don't you just love priorities?

Anyhoo, more posts, I promise...I'll even sacrifice my youth hostel partay time with drunken Aussies and Kiwis (I cannot believe how many Aussies and Kiwis there are, is there anyone left at home?). Socialisation just eats away all my free time but I tend to stay away from the bar anyhoo.

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