Thursday, January 3, 2008

DAY 30 - Random NYC cont... - 30th Dec

I was going to go skating this morning but then decided to get up at 10:30, and the Knicks vs Bulls game at Madison Square Gardens I had tickets to, started at 12pm. I got off at Chelsea and took a nice little stroll up to the gardens with my bagel in tow, how very New Yorker of me.

The game kinda sucked, the knicks really sucked at the moment, especially with the entire crowd chanting .."fire isaiah"...Isaiah Thomas been the much useless and maligned coach of the current Knicks. But to be actually watching a live NBA match at the gardens when I'm a huge basketball fan...priceless.

Finally had my first NY hot dog after the game, tasted good but it was actually quite small. I'll have to demand all my hot dogs with sauerkraut now.

I had time to kill so I headed up to Cathedral of St. John the Divine on the upper west side. Supposedly it is the largest cathedral in the world. Part of it was destroyed in a fire a few years back so it is under heavy construction. On my way there I actually got lost and a couple of German backpackers asked me for directions and I directed them the wrong way. Funnlly enough I've been asked directions a lot, maybe I act like a true New Yorker ahaha, usually I'm actually pretty successful directing people.

When I got out of cathedral it started raining, pretty tired I did some fruit shopping before heading back to the hotel. I had a dinner of classic buffalo wings, ribs and seasoned fries with the the younger part of the Hau clan. Dinner was great only marred by the fuckwit service I received at Baskin Robbins after.


John said...

Isiah THOMAS is actually the coach of the Knicks.

I'm being anal and pointing it out because I'm still jealous you saw an NBA game.

LJ said...

omfg, i had no idea i wrote isiah washington ahaha, must have been thinking of greys anatomy