Friday, October 19, 2007

Things To Do...

List of important things to be done before I leave (I'll keep adding):

  • Finish all assignments including practice file, copyright essay and script
  • Study for and pass (try to anyway) evidence and remedies exams
  • Get my green Ps
  • Fill out my tax return
  • Get a 1 entry visa to China
  • Buy a suitcase
  • Buy accessories for trip, winter jacket etc (i'll buy in the US)
  • Get atm/keycards/cash situation sorted out (Would be helpful eh?)
  • Save as much money as possible (HA, very unlikely)
  • Have a sister Act marathon
  • Go karaokeing
  • Finalise thesis topic and start researching under the pretence that I will actually do reading on copyright whilst in a plane or train...AHAHAHAHA as if!
  • Buy presents for Aunt + cousins in the US

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