Saturday, October 27, 2007


So my chase of frequent flyer membership has come back and bit me on the arse. I delayed booking the flight from San Jose to Vegas for the Jacky Cheung concerts for about 2 days so I could get my Thai Airlines membership and now US Airways has sold out of all tickets...ARRRGH, instead I'm paying about 50 bucks more for southwest airlines.

oh the irony of life. I should have realised something when Orbitz was telling me there was only 1 ticket left for the flight I wanted. I didn't know that many people wanted to go to Vegas from San Jose. But anyhoo, it's booked. Oh shit I realised now it's hella cheaper and probably easier from Oakland Airport - CURSE my STUPIDITY. *fingers crossed I can cancel the booking and rebook*

ARRGh and now their system is down...*WOE*

PHEW!!! all done now, US$175 - wooohoo, hopefully i get the refund back.

Date Flight Routing Details
Sat Dec 22 500 Depart Oakland(OAK) at 12:45 PM
Arrive in Las Vegas(LAS) at 02:10 PM
Mon Dec 24 936 Depart Las Vegas(LAS) at 11:05 AM
Arrive in Oakland(OAK) at 12:35 PM

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